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Confluence PhotoCONFLUENCE, from Olean NY, is a creative and energetic band consisting of Nadine Dyskant-Miller on flute and foot percussion and Barbara Dyskant on keyboards.

We feature music of Quebec, Ireland, New England, Europe, and elsewhere, plus contemporary sounds and rhythms and original material.  Contra dances are a specialty.  Our music ranges from intensely driving to silky and lyrical, and we combine styles and rhythms to create exciting twists and surprises.   Or, if you prefer, we offer a traditional program played as musicians did years ago.  We can also include touches of blues, jazz, and Latin material.  

CONFLUENCE is also available for classical performances, or for creating beautiful moods for special occasions, offering classical pieces, traditional tunes, and waltzes.

Our love for the music we play, and our enjoyment of the people for whom we play, adds special life to each performance.

Our two players function as four, with Nadine playing flute and percussion simultaneously, and Barbara providing both back-up and melodies on the keyboard with rapid precision and gusto.


Piano Hands




Foot percussion creates a vibrant, pulsing rhythm using hard-soled shoes on a wooden footboard. Nadine plays Quebecois style, adding her own touches, at the same time as her flute, or as a back-up for other soloists, or as a solo itself. In addition to its unique sound, it is exciting to watch.


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